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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Just read:
ME: im feeling torn apart man and conflicted

FRIEND: about what?

ME: The guy I like. listen up

ME: like my minds saying: kiki forget about him b4 u get hurt
(I start to type some sad crap)

FRIEND: mhm and ur boobs r saying wut

KIKI: hahahaha
KIKI: omg i was aboutta get mad emotional: then i read that!

FRIEND: thts wut friends r for

ME: and my boobs & heart are saying: tarah! dive in man! take frikken chance! take a leap of faith and pray that you dnt land on your face.
ME: and im just like.... AHHHHHH!!!

FRIEND: Hahaha then your boobs would be all up in his face.
FRIEND: Or is this the mission?



ME: Im blogging this shit!





Homework & Beautiful Creatures

If someone could please explain to my school that February break is NOT meant for homework, that would be nice. Arg! A full week without my crush.... I think I'll explode! I'm already loosing my mind. Slowly going crazy.
AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET ME OUT OF THIS HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUST GO TO SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!! MUST DO PRE-ALGEBRA!!!!!!!!!!!
OK. I'm calm now. So I saw Beautiful Creatures last night!
Movie Review:

GO SEEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Word of advice: (SPOILER ALERT)

In the end: Do not jump to conclusions! Believe in the love of Lena and Ethan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will him to remember! Will him!!!! That is all I will say. oh and:


For now I bid you ado. Untill furthur notice:



2-20-13 "Valentine"


Hey valentine can't you see
the pain that you've
brought to me

Where were my flowers?
Where was my kiss?
Was there a sign of love
that I missed?

You avoided me all day
cursed when you saw me
in the hallway

Hey Valentine
was I wrong?

Did the meaning of Valentine change?
Do people not still do
the gift exchange?

Sorry Valentine
I must be insane
I guess a perfect Valentines day
was just in my brain


Miss me? Well of course you did you pretty people. Jeez leweez we have alotta catching up to do. OK funny story so I like this guy right and I was telling my older cousin, we'll call her Lila, about him. Our conversation went a little bit like this.

Me: He's 14
Lila: Minus ten points
M: He got held back
L: -100 points
M: He has an ear pierced
L: -10,000 points
M: Rumor Has it he smokes...
L: -100,000,000,000,000,000 points
M: ...bad stuff
L: OK he's done
M: But I'm not done yet
L: OK continue
M: He might not be....a 'vegetable' lets just say he had 'some nights" in dark rooms. with girls
L: Never speak to this boy again. He's not for you.
M: But he's sooooo sexy! and-
L: He's not for you
M: But-
L: No.
M: Damn it! 

But you see... you don't understand. This boy is TDB hot! That's right right he's a third degree burn on the hotness scale of Link. (Read: Beautiful Creatures). And then there's the fact that this boy wouldn't give me the time of day. Ain't that just peachy! I've liked this guy for what.... two, three years now. Nothing! Endless flirting and.... NOTHING! Eh. What can I say? Some guys are just too dumb to notice a pretty girl when they see one. On the bright side: He goes to church!



Wednesday, May 2, 2012

5-2-12 "The mystery called life"

So life is super hectic right now. its crazy wieir. so i have this bestie we will call him Angel. i had this huge crush on Angel. i asked Angel if he liked me. Angel said no. ok watever  im a bit crushed. I gave Angel a  while to  confess or whatever. eventually i give up. so  now im with this guy. we  will call him Stupid. Dictionary deffinition. Ok so me and Stupid got togethe sunday. I always sit with Angel at lunch because we are besties. So Tuesday at lunch a couple of my friends are teling me tht  Angel told them he was gonna breakup wit his girl. we will call her Devil. I never met Devil but ooo i can't stand that girl. I bet she's really ugly! I was pissed. Are you kidding me!! I wait for you for a long time, I do  a bunch of crying because of you, and i get so sad, and now that im fially in the healing process you wnt me back! HELL TO THE NO! find another girl because my heart is locked in a box. and i ain't taking it out for no "hit and run" guy. Thank you very much. and now today about like 10 minits ago my friend tells me that he don't like me and he aint gonna ask me out no more. Trick please. i know he just feels bad that he lost his chance. he's just trying to save his liitle male ego. Well angel you can...... We will just remain friends. and maybe one day if things don't work out between me and Stupid, then i may consider you and i being more than friends. but for now: Get in line buddy boy! 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Farm in science class

today was pretty average. we learned about pie in math class. Spanish was depressing and boring with a hint of comedy. as usual in 6b Spanish 2. geography was actually quite funny, besides the parts when we were learning about china. actually yesterday was the first day when we started learning about china and i raised my hand and said "is china like mostly ghetto?" my teacher starts cracking up and he goes "do you mean is china mostly urban?" everyone is cracking up now including me. my friend who sits next to me taps me and says "Tarah, ghetto". lol it was so funny. all our geography classes are hilarious because we are weird and our teacher doesn't mind us being creative. he enjoys it when we creative. ahh good times good times. then i sat next to my bestie "JoshJosh" at lunch time. he always cracks us up. he started sitting with us girls because he said that the table he used to sit at is starting to become "gay". whatever that means. then at math after lunch we started this really cool project with construction paper. it's a bit difficult but that's ok. then we had science. this is where the chicks come in. after we read a packet about parachutes and air resistance our teacher let the baby chicks out of the cage. we've been hatching baby chicks and baby ducks for like 28 days and a week now. we had 4 chicken eggs and 2 duck eggs i think. 3 of the 2 chicken eggs hatched. i'm not sure about the ducks. so we sat in a circle on the floor and played with the chicks. one of them pooped on this guy in my class! EWWWW! one of the chicks was obsessed with one of my friends. good times, good times. oh ya BTW forget the thing about two new pages. from now on all my posts will be on one page.    

Monday, April 23, 2012


You know how a couple minutes ago i said i as making 2 more pages.
i was wrong! Sorry!! i'm atually making 1 more page.
the author one.
and a whole new blog!!
send you the URL later!!