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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Miss me? Well of course you did you pretty people. Jeez leweez we have alotta catching up to do. OK funny story so I like this guy right and I was telling my older cousin, we'll call her Lila, about him. Our conversation went a little bit like this.

Me: He's 14
Lila: Minus ten points
M: He got held back
L: -100 points
M: He has an ear pierced
L: -10,000 points
M: Rumor Has it he smokes...
L: -100,000,000,000,000,000 points
M: ...bad stuff
L: OK he's done
M: But I'm not done yet
L: OK continue
M: He might not be....a 'vegetable' lets just say he had 'some nights" in dark rooms. with girls
L: Never speak to this boy again. He's not for you.
M: But he's sooooo sexy! and-
L: He's not for you
M: But-
L: No.
M: Damn it! 

But you see... you don't understand. This boy is TDB hot! That's right right he's a third degree burn on the hotness scale of Link. (Read: Beautiful Creatures). And then there's the fact that this boy wouldn't give me the time of day. Ain't that just peachy! I've liked this guy for what.... two, three years now. Nothing! Endless flirting and.... NOTHING! Eh. What can I say? Some guys are just too dumb to notice a pretty girl when they see one. On the bright side: He goes to church!



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