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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

5-2-12 "The mystery called life"

So life is super hectic right now. its crazy wieir. so i have this bestie we will call him Angel. i had this huge crush on Angel. i asked Angel if he liked me. Angel said no. ok watever  im a bit crushed. I gave Angel a  while to  confess or whatever. eventually i give up. so  now im with this guy. we  will call him Stupid. Dictionary deffinition. Ok so me and Stupid got togethe sunday. I always sit with Angel at lunch because we are besties. So Tuesday at lunch a couple of my friends are teling me tht  Angel told them he was gonna breakup wit his girl. we will call her Devil. I never met Devil but ooo i can't stand that girl. I bet she's really ugly! I was pissed. Are you kidding me!! I wait for you for a long time, I do  a bunch of crying because of you, and i get so sad, and now that im fially in the healing process you wnt me back! HELL TO THE NO! find another girl because my heart is locked in a box. and i ain't taking it out for no "hit and run" guy. Thank you very much. and now today about like 10 minits ago my friend tells me that he don't like me and he aint gonna ask me out no more. Trick please. i know he just feels bad that he lost his chance. he's just trying to save his liitle male ego. Well angel you can...... We will just remain friends. and maybe one day if things don't work out between me and Stupid, then i may consider you and i being more than friends. but for now: Get in line buddy boy! 

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