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Monday, April 23, 2012


Hey guys. we haven't spoke in ages. since nobody is asking my questions i'm going to make a new page so that this blog doesn't go to waste. I'm going to make a page just for me. people can read it but it will be like a diary. but I'm a strong girl, i use a journal. since basically only my friends only visit this site i guess i might as well type some personal feelings. but if you do read my blog i'm going to make a deal with you. if you tell some random people and your friends about my blog, i will write more. i don't want to be famous for my writing i just want to be noticed. i tried handing out paper to random people at school but it didn't necessarily work. so you know what, i'm going to make 2 new pages. one to express my inner feeling and deep thoughts. and another to put myself out there as a writer. i mean i'm a poet, a writer, a songwriter, and a person with a mad romantic and dramatic soul. i also want to try to write a play. i'm in the middle of writing a book: "WW 111: The End". bare with and pretend that 111 was a roman 3. it's a cool story about kids in my class who all get killed off in war. it's quite interesting. it's really romantic. and yes i thought of it way before i ever heard about the hunger games. it's actually quite different. i usually write every story i write so.. you guys will never read it. unless i get at least 5 DIFFERENT people to beg me to type it, i'm never going to type it tryst me. so look out for my 2 new pages.

"Journal of a Haitian-American" & "Author, Poet,&Songwriter...Almost" Coming Soon!!!!!!!  

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